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The Marie Zimmermann Emerging Scholar Lecture for the Decorative Arts Trust’s Fall 2019 Symposium in the Berkshires. It explored trends in mid-century modern architecture and furniture design in the Berkshires as they relate to the landscape and the social and economic history of the area.


Lecture includes works by Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Eero Saarinen,  Ben Thompson and the Architect's Collaborative, Ulrich Franzen, Edgar Hayes Hunter and Margaret King Hunter, Tip Dorsal, John Johanson, Carl Koch, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul McCobb, and more. 


Original lecture delivered: September 22, 2019.

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The mission of the Decorative Arts Trust, a non-profit organization, is to promote and foster the appreciation and study of the decorative arts.

Modern in the Mountains:

MID-Century Design In The Berkshires

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