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What Clients & Colleagues Say

I had the privilege of working with Rebecca on the development of our current exhibition "Opium: The Business of Addiction." The history of the opium trade and its lasting legacy today are complicated. Rebecca was able to synthesize information from a variety of sources, supplement it with her own primary research at Harvard, and distill it into clear and concise text panels. She understood the sensitivity of the subject and our desire to present a balanced story. She worked with a diverse team and at times had to navigate differences of opinion. Through it all, she was flexible and quick to respond. She grasped the material readily and delivered her work on time. She was a pleasure to work with! 

Forbes House Museum, Milton, MA

Heidi Vaughn

Executive Director

Forbes House Museum, Milton, MA

Rebecca is a pleasure to work with. Collaborating on exhibit media for the American Writers Museum, I was continuously impressed by her overall creativity, writing chops, problem-solving, and organizational skills. She kept track of thousands of details, both large and small, and juggled many competing demands for both content and her time.

Her approach to work is thoughtful, clever, efficient... I can't recommend her highly enough.

Beth Sternheimer

Senior Producer

Northern Light Productions, Boston, MA

Northern Light Productions

Rebecca fulfilled a remarkable role for The Trustees as she oversaw the implementation of scheduled exhibits during a time of transition at Fruitlands Museum. She led the design, implementation and launch of a new literary exhibit that has been met with praise by critical and popular reviews. She is a creative force with an intellect that maneuvers through the most delicate situations. We have great respect for her work, her process and her results. 

Lucinda Brockway

Cultural Resources Director

The Trustees of Reservations, MA

The Trustees

I worked with Rebecca for 4 years. She began working with me as an intern and was so outstanding that I hired her as an assistant. I found her to be knowledgable about the visual arts and material culture. She had creative ideas for topics and resources that I often included in the museum courses and lectures. I depended on her excellent organization and research skills and writing and editing skills. 

Lois Solomon

Head of Lectures & Courses 

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


I enthusiastically recommend Rebecca Migdal as a researcher, writer, exhibit developer, and team member. We worked together on a project requiring thorough research and the wrangling of conflicting perspectives into a clear narrative. Her deep understanding of the subject matter and its cultural contexts gave us ample material for developing exhibit components, while her input throughout the process kept the messages on track. Rebecca’s hard work, clear communication, and good nature make her a pleasure to work with. 

Andrea Thompson

Graphic Designer

Amaze Design, Inc., Boston, MA 


As the Guest Curator for the Concord Museum’s 2014/15 exhibition, "Middlesex County Modern," Rebecca was a key part of our exhibition team. As a first step, she brought together an Advisory Group to assist with intellectual content. She then created the interpretive framework, organized object loans, wrote text panels, tracked down images, and developed public programs to accompany the exhibition. All of this was done with thoughtful scholarship, good humor, attention to detail, and an ability to bring together many varied components to create a coherent and interesting whole. 

Carol Haines

Manager of Exhibitions & Design

Concord Museum, Concord, MA

Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts

Rebecca came up with stellar creative ideas for exhibit concepts, conducted rigorous research, and helped track and manage all of the moving parts. She worked directly with a large cast of characters: scholarly advisors, media producers, and researchers. And she gracefully balanced pursuit of details with a focus on the big picture, which was invaluable in keeping the project on track (and keeping everyone calm and upbeat)! 

In addition to being a smart cookie, a good manager, and extremely organized, Rebecca is also gifted writer. She ended up writing much of the exhibit text. She's also a lot of fun—I enjoyed working with her on a personal level and would love to work with her again.


Sarah Morris

Writing & Editing Consultant 

Rebecca was a delight to work with as a colleague at The Trustees balancing the objectives and resources to ensure successful exhibitions for Fruitlands Museum. She managed a full slate of multiple exhibitions during the Museum's busy summer season, including planning, writing and installation of all exhibits. We greatly appreciated her professionalism and many talents representing the organization and coordinating with contemporary artists, outside contractors, and partner organizations. It was a pleasure to have her on the team. 

Joanna S. Ballantine

Vice President

The Trustees of Reservations, MA


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rebecca Migdal. The attention she gave to the Collection was wonderful. She catalogued, advised, and helped to establish a system that works. Her dedicated research led her to develop a thoughtful tour manual that is being used by The Milton Historical Society today. She created wall labels throughout the house that provide more in-depth information on our collection and create a more engaging tour experience. She developed an object study for our annual 5th grade tours that included hands-on activities, and she provided our adult members with presentations that allowed them to engage with our collection as well. Rebecca is thorough, professional, detail-oriented and immensely creative. 


Amy Morgan-Link

Education Director

Milton Historical Society, Milton, MA

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